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College Administration

City University Of New York

William C. Thompson, Jr., Chairperson

  • Sandra Wilkin, Vice Chairperson

  • Michael Arvanties

  • Henry T. Berger

  • Una S. T-Clarke

  • Lorraine Cortes-Vazquez

  • Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel

  • Kevin D. Kim

  • Mayra Linares-Garcia

  • Robert F. Mujica

  • Brian D. Obergfell

  • Jill O'Donnell-Tormey

  • Herminia Palacio

  • Ken Sunshine

  • Angelo Vivolo

  • John Verzani, ex officio

  • Salimatou Doumbouya,  ex officio

Officers of CUNY

  • Felix V. Matos Rodriguez, Chancellor

  • Wendy F. Hensel, Executive Vice Chancellor & University Provost

  • Hector Batista, Executive Vice Chancellor & Chief Operating Officer

  • Derek Davis, Senior Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs & General Counsel

  • Glenda Grace, Senior Vice Chancellor for Institutional Affairs and Strategic Advancement and Special Counsel

  • Sherif Soliman, Senior Vice Chancellor for Budget and Finance & Chief Finance Officer

  • Doriane K. Gloria, Senior Vice Chancellor for University Human Resources & Labor Relations

  • Maite Junco, Vice Chancellor for Communications and Marketing

  • Mohammad Attalia, Vice Chancellor for Facilities Planning, Construction & Management

  • Denise B. Maybank, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

  • Jeffery Rodus, Vice Chancellor for Government Affairs

  • Reine T. Sarmiento, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management

  • Eusebio Formoso, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology & University Chief Information Officer

  • James D. Gallo, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement

  • Dolly Martinez, Chancellor's Chief of Staff and Associate Vice Chancellor for the Executive Office

  • Rachel Stephenson, Chief Transformation Officer

  • Gayle M. Horowitz, Senior Advisor to the Chancellor & Secretary to the Board of Trustees

York College Senior Administration and Faculty

President's Division

  • Claudia Schrader, B.A., M.A., M.Ed., Ed.D., Interim President

  • Derrick Brazill, PhD., B.S., Provost and Senior Vice President Academic Affairs Division

  • Russell Platzek, J. D., Executive Legal Counsel and Labor Designee

  • Earl Simons, B.A., M.P.A., Ed.D., Executive Director of Government and Strategic Initiatives

  • Arlene Peterson, Interim Chief Diversity Officer, Title IX Coordinator

  • Lori Hoeffner, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning

  • Dana Trimboli, B.A., M.S., Chief of Staff

  • Vivian Febus-Cabrera, Executive Director of Business Operations & Compliance

  • Karen A. Williams, Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Division

  • Alexis Green, Director of Adult and Continuing Education

  • Claudio Lindow, Interim Vice President Finance and Administrative Affairs Division, Chief Information Officer

Academic Affairs Division

  • Derrick Brazill, Ph.D.,B. S., Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

  • Maureen Becker, Ph. D., M.S., B.S., Dean of the School of Health Sciences and Professional Programs and School of Business and Information Systems

  • George White, Ph.D., J.D., Interim Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences

  • Sharon Davidson, B.S., Registrar, Office of the Registrar

  • Jong I. Lee, Ph. D., Director, Honors Program

  • Dawn Hewitt, B.A., M.P.A., Director, Research and Sponsored Programs

  • Kennybel Pena, Ed. D., Director Academic Advisement Center

  • Erzulie Mars, M.S.Ed., Academic Affairs Manager

  • Carolette McDonald, B.A., M.A., Manager, Collaborative Learning Center

  • Njoki-Wa Kinyatti, B.A., M.L.I.S., M.P.A., Chief Librarian

  • Reginald Madden, B.A., M.A., Academic Affairs Manager and Liaison to York Early College Academy (YECA)

  • Greet Van Belle, Ph.D., Director, Center for Teaching, Learning and Educational Technologies

  • Lindsay Demsen, Coordinator Student Academic Services

  • Maribel Donado, Faculty Work Load Coordinator

Finance and Administrative Affairs Division

  • Claudio Lindow, Interim Vice President of Finance and Administration

  • Ajisa Dervisevic,Asst. Vice President for Planning and Budget

  • R. Carmel Boyle, Executive Director Human Resources

  • Onyekachi Akoma, Executive Director Facilities Planning and Operations

  • Greg Vega, Director, Service Delivery

  • Jin Hyon Lee, Chief Administrative Superintendent Buildings and Grounds

  • Alejandro Rodriguez, Chief Administrative Superintendent, Buildings and Grounds

  • Kamrul Ahsan, B.Sc., ME, Director, IT Academic Applications

  • Noel Gamboa, B.S., Director, Special Planning and Facility Services

  • Rafael Nunez, B.A., M.F.A., Director, WEB Systems

  • James Assman, Director Campus Security Services

  • Dan Matte, Specialist  Administrative Events

  • Yvette Williamson, B.B.A., Ms.Ed., Director, Bursar

Division of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs

  • Karen Williams, Vice President ,Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

  • Nicholas Jones, Interim Executive Director Enrollment Management

  • James Salnave, AVP/ Dean Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

  • Beverly Brown, B.B.A., Director, Financial Aid

  • Linda Chesney, B.A., Director Career Services

  • Charlene Dertinger, Director, Child Care Center

  • Larry Eaton, B.S., Manager Veterans Affairs

  • Vacant, Manager Health Services

  • LTC Nicole R. Drakeford, ROTC Commander

  • Ebonie Jackson, M.B.A., Student Life Manager/ Women's Center

  • Jean Phelps, Ph.D., Director Student Activities

  • Kim Mendez, Director Counseling

Institutional Advancement & Communications Division

  • Vacant, Vice President Institutional Advancement

  • Temitope Adelegan, Development Specialist

  • Janine Scott, Development Manager

  • Nyisha Howell, Development Director

  • Vivian Todini, Development Director